Plank-cut vs Broomstick

Plank -Cut Wood Coins

‘Plank-cut’ style wooden coins refers to our method of producing wood coins from solid boards 3/16” and 2” wide. This allows the beautiful, unique face-grain of each board to be displayed on the faces of our coins. The more porous and dull end-grain is religated to the edge of our ‘Plank-cut’ wooden coins, where it should be. This process also lends strength and longevity to each coin.

Broomstick Wood Coins

The method of producing ‘Broomstick’ coins first calls to produce a long wooden dowel in the diameter of the desired coins, (a broomstick). Thin discs are sliced from said broomstick which then situates the far less desirable end-grain of the dowel, to the faces of the coin. The natural appeal of the wood face-grain is then found on the thin edge of ‘Broomstick’ coins. These coins tend to be brittle and crumble in time.

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