Why A Wooden Coin

  • Our Wood Coins appeal cross-gender from young to old, tall or short, with their beautiful clean smooth look and feel.
  • These coins hold proclivity to avoid the trash bin that spells the end to so many similar trinkets, doodads, pens or even the ubiquitous business card.
  • When actually thrown toward the proverbal round file, the flight-path is very inaccurate and somehow they land in a top drawer, on a fridge door or in a jewlery box, poised for years.
  • Collected and traded with vigor for decades throughout the world “Wood Exonumia” is the back bone of “Dendro-Numismatics”. Get with it will ya, just ask grandma or grandpa.
  • Wooden Coins have a North American history of well over a century.
  • We help roll the bandwagon of yesteryear and turn away from plastic mementos and the toxic enamel pins produced a mere jet ride from Whocanguess in the land of Slaveakid.
  • Take advantage of the diversity of natural wood and use Beetle Kill Pine to rekindle the past practice of coining your message or memory for eternity with sleek wood coins.
  • We have produced more than 100,000 Wood Coins to date.
  • Pine must be the best wood of choice, for billions of Pine Beetles can’t be wrong.
  • Clifford Claven notes: “These here Wood Coins mail well”.
  • Penultimate:
    Made within Canada, amid dead pine trees, your custom message printed on a coin of gorgeous wood, sealed in a
    lead-free, child-safe lacquer so as to be treasured, stashed, retrieved and displayed for years to come.
  • Finally: (Note Photos)
    Because if you don’t have one you want one; Don’t you!